Luna Ukulele Review: Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

Because the Initial Evaporating of Luna Guitars, their theory is to add real artwork with sound artwork — or essentially — which makes their own tool maybe not just amazing to performwith, but easy on the eye also. Their Mahogany collection Tattoo live performance Acoustic-Electric Ukulele can be really a quality case of the tools Luna offers, having its own cursory looks and conventional hawaiian-themed décor, this ukulele really is actually a gorgeous Show Case tool that could appear amazing at the arms of almost any participant.

First Impressions​

Weighing in at just 2-lbs, this lightweight acoustic-electric ukulele is exceptionally enjoyable to perform also seems amazing to transport. Possibly the conventional western human anatomy tattoo layout manly published to your system causes it to look more ‘enjoyable’​​ as it really is, however, either way, it surely seems excellent.

The Plan relies on Honu, a Hawaiian turtle – a sign of stamina and durability – that will be exceptionally apt for its solid complete body quilting structure with the wonderful very little uke, since it certainly provides the belief that it’s been supposed to survive.

Anyhow having a two ring Equalizer too regular, this small beaut’s preamp is powered with a 1.9v ‘wafer’​​form battery, that might or might not encounter comprised. These scooters are not too hard to find any way, and also are normally relatively inexpensive way too.

The Pre Amp’s preferences Enable consumers to manually tweak their own bass, treble and quantity, which means that nearly anybody will locate their appropriate configurations because of their design of dramawith.​​

Even Though when performed Acoustically, this ukulele looks amazing, but it normally takes it self into the next degree as soon as plugged in! Using a standard quarter inch jack, this particular monster is prepared to plug in and perform with almost any toaster, and also after plugged in, seems as sweet like some thing.​​

Irrespective of being at the Lower end course of ukuleles, ” the Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele definitely retains no pubs if introducing itself into the external world — that really is really a competition for its ‘finest looking and appearing ukulele because of it is cost’ award!​​


To Put It Simply, that Ukulele does precisely what’s been put out to complete — supply very good playability and also an adequate noise for a manageable price tag. Plus it does it nicely, however as much as flexibility goes, this really is really where this tool excels.​​

Providing a considerable Platform for novices into the ukulele arena, while choosing up tool for your first first time or creating the transition out of guitar participant, that nice effort from Luna is as great as a ‘one size fits most’ ​ukulele may purchase. Since this can possibly be chosen by only about anybody and forced into seem amazing, its flexibility scale is via the roof.

Does exactly the Luna Mahogany collection Tattoo live performance Acoustic-Electric Ukulele seem fantastic the two acoustically and plugged in, however it appears fantastic also! The finely appointed laser published Hawaiian tattoo design and style conjures mellow graphics of thankfully strumming off to the tropical shore, also can be finished off well with the accession of mother-of-pearl shark tooth motivations onto the rosewood fret board.

Worth for Your Cash​​

Available in an Incredibly cheap £ 100, based upon your provider, this ukulele fits just about all funds. Though additional versions by other producers might be accessible more cheaply, so why defaulting on cost when a couple additional dollars will tote one that attractiveness?​​

For your Price Tag, Luna Have created a really well balanced, yet pleasant and tender looking ukulele that appears amazing if plugged in or maybe not, also appears absolutely brilliant. Even while only a show-piece this could appear great hungup on the wall of anybody!


· Sounds amazing — The two ring preamp lets for fine tuning your audio if plugged in, and appears amazing and cozy when performed acoustically.

· Sounds amazing — ” We can not stress enough just how lovely the Maori tattoo design design resembles this particular uke!

· Well-built — that the masonry structure usually means that this ukulele can endure for a life if nicely preserved.

· Value-for-money — In that price tag, everyone else should have this adaptable tool.


· Pre-amp — Though it appears amazing when plugged in, it’d be wonderful to own a couple of additional options to fiddle with. Maybe we’re simply being overly picky today?

Some may state Luna ‘ve gone only a little bit angry for re leasing their Mahogany collection Tattoo live performance Acoustic-Electric Ukulele at approximately just £ 100, but This’s a pretty Great thing, even because it Makes to get a standard entry-to-mid level tool cheap for all. Sounds Great, seems amazing, what more can you desire?

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